one with the plan

- The elders say: Love them all, trust a few and fear none -

This is me:

I was born in a little town in the south east coast of México in the late 80′s, from a ballet dancer mother and an engineer father. I was absorbed by the theatrical world at a very young age. I am a drummer with a classical percussion degree and a presidential scholarship recipient graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual major in Filmscoring & Performance. I have overcome several challenges in my life which have shaped my character into what it is today, and today I only believe in art. I have made human mistakes, which I consider to be invaluable at the moment of creation, and the creation of moments is my life. I will always push myself for the sake of art and for the hope of brighter worlds. I live in NYC and I channel all of my efforts and capabilities only for art. I have committed myself, and encourage others, to never stop dreaming, never stop wondering, for a better world awaits us beyond what we can see. Listen to your instincts and always be one with the plan.

This is my website, this is my work, thank you for your attention, adios.

Andrés Márquez

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